Street Italian Market Festival



The Experience

For one weekend each May, 9th Street – in the heart of South Philadelphia – closes down traffic and a huge, multi-block festival takes over the neighborhood.

It all starts with the great sights, sounds and aromas of America´s oldest continuously operating open-air market: South Philadelphia´s famous Italian Market. And the most important thing for you to bring with you is your appetite.

In addition to the blocks of curb vendors and specialty butcher, cheese, gift and cookware shops that line the market, there will also be street-side merchants selling specially prepared foods just for the Festival.

Expect to see stands offering a display of fresh sausage and peppers, antipasto salads, roast pork sandwiches, cheeses, cured meats, an infinite array of pastries, famous mango roses and so much more.

Many nearby restaurants will extend their table service to the sidewalk so you can dine alfresco and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

A stunning smorgasbord of flavors will be on full display during the Festival, as vendors line the street, musicians roam the crowds and top chefs show off some of their best techniques at live cooking demonstrations.

For a full schedule and lineup of musicians, performances and demonstrations, be sure to visit the Festival´s official website.

Insider Tip

Belying its name, the Italian Market is not just Italian anymore. In fact, it´s a veritable melting pot of international cultures and cuisines.

You can choose from several excellent Asian restaurants serving delicious Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and piping hot bowls of pho.

Or savor amazingly flavorful tacos, spicy tamales and several other authentic Mexican favorites from La Lupe and Taqueria La Veracruzanas. And that´s just the beginning.

There is so much great eating in and around the Italian Market that you´ll want to return again and again.


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