Riverfront Ramble



The Experience

The Riverfront Ramble, a massive, 14-mile-long party and festival celebrating Delaware County´s waterfront communities, caps off your summer with a day of fun.

Towns from Marcus Hook to Tinicum Township roll out the welcome mat for visitors with a September festival of food, crafts, music, boats, contests, fireworks and much more.

Nibbling is easy along the entire river route, but it´s in Marcus Hook´s Market Square Memorial Park where more than 20 restaurants and caterers put on a serious festival of food.

There will be free concerts, hot air balloon rides, craft shows, boating and family-friendly activities to enjoy all weekend long. Don´t miss it!

Enjoy a family day on the Delaware River that mingles old memories with beautiful new recreational areas. Boating is encouraged, whether it´s under sail, paddle or motor. Boat shows, tall ships, car shows and sports clinics are included, as is a wildlife tour at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum Township – fun for birdwatchers, butterfly watchers, or anyone with a camera.

Through it all, you can witness the changing face of Brandywine´s waterfront, a region rich in history and brimming with the development of beautiful new parks. The 14-mile trail will be included in the coastal zone bike trail, which will allow bikers to pedal the entire eastern coastline.
Come Prepared

Bring a sweater, blanket or beach chair for concerts and fireworks, which are spread out over three towns. There will be food and beverage vendors at all locations.

Don´t Miss

Three riverfront fireworks displays at 8:45, for a full, 14-mile display

Outsider Tip

The Ramble is capped off each year with a string of evening concerts from three separate locations along the river, Barry Bridge Park in Chester, Market Square Memorial Park in Marcus Hook and Governor Printz Park in Tinicum. The concerts are followed by dazzling fireworks displays launched from all three locations!


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